Preparing for a Marathon- the Basics

Are you getting ready for your first 10k run? Maybe you are helping someone to prepare for their run, and you need information on what to do. Whatever the case, anyone who is running the 10k needs to be adequately prepared so that they can comfortably finish the race. Running a marathon is not as complicated as long as you get the right practise and have the right items needs to finish the race. Some of the things you will need for a 10k race include:

Pre-Race Food

This can even be in the form of a snack. You need the energy just before the race, but at the same time, you do not want to eat to your fill since you will get discomfort. Besides, eating too much can cause your stomach to be upset while you are in motion. The calories you take in should not exceed 300. It should have good carbohydrates so that you get energy. The fibre level should be low.

Good Quality Socks

The socks that you wear to a marathon should be comfortable enough so that your feet do not keep sliding in your shoes. Make sure your footwear is suitable so that you do not end up with injuries sustained from either falls that are due to shoes and socks that are not fitting properly. It may not be advisable to wear cotton as they are super absorbent, and they do not let out moisture easily.

Clean Bill of Health

Before you register for a marathon, you should talk to your doctor so that they can do the necessary tests on you and confirm that you are fit to run. You should avoid taking supplements that have not been prescribed, as some of them can end up being dangerous to your health. If you have suffered from other medical conditions before, you should not run a marathon before telling your doctor of your intentions.

A Sturdy Bottle

Needless to say, you will get thirsty and dehydrated as you sweat and run. You should have a water bottle from which you will be sipping your water as the race progresses. The bottle should have a place to grip firmly so that you do not keep clutching at it as it slides away. If you are not able to drink water during the race, make sure you drink before and after the race. It is always prudent to bring your personal water bottle, even though most marathons will have a stand for serving water after the race.