Factors Hindering You from Competing in a Marathon

Many people want to try out things in life, such as running a marathon, but they have never quite got around it. Are you one of them? Do you watch other people running marathons and silently wish you are the one? Have you ever wondered what is holding you back? Well, for most people, some of the barriers towards going for what they want are as follows.

Fear of Failure

If you are constantly thinking you will fail when you dare to try out activities such as a marathon, then you will definitely never do it. Do not let the fear of failure stop you from doing new things. Live your life and try something new such as competing in a marathon or even placing a bet on a gambling site. One of the common sites is unibet.org where there are a variety of sports to bet on. Overcome the fear of failure and purpose to do what you desire. You may just end up winning on your first try.

Surrounding Yourself with Negativity

Never underestimate the impact which negativity can have on you. If you are surrounded by individuals who always remind you that you will never succeed, then it is unlikely that you will ever try out activities such as engaging in a marathon. If you have toxic friends, drop them and invite more positive energy around you.

Lacking a Purpose

If you have not aligned your goals, you will never think of running in a marathon. Have a purpose, and list down the things which you want to achieve, and when you wish to achieve them. It is only then that you can schedule activities such as running a marathon or doing something that is out of your perceived comfort zone.

Poor Health

This applies to both physical and your mental health. If you are not fit and are afraid of starting out exercises which would prepare you for your next adventure, then you will forever watch with envy as other people try out things you wish you could. Poor health extends to mental health, where unless you are in a good state of mind, you would not want to engage in such activities. It is advisable to consult with your doctor if you can engage in a marathon and then prepare adequately for it.

Most of the time, the only thing which is hindering you from achieving what you want is that inner voice inside you that keeps telling you it is impossible.