Beginner’s Tips for Running a 10k Marathon

Tens of thousands of people step out annually to run the popular spring and summer marathon races. For some, it is a habit they have cultivated over the years, while others do it to tick it off their bucket list. There are also some who do it to support family and friends. Whichever the reason, running a 10k is a great achievement that only a few people manage to accomplish. If you are a new runner who wants to attempt the 10k marathon but is unsure where to begin, these are some tips which can help.

Start Early

If you are planning to run a marathon, you should start practising and preparing early, so that you do not get overwhelmed as the day edges closer. Starting early also gives you enough time for your body to get used to the aggressive practise you will subject it to. Starting late makes it likely for you to have injuries when you exert too much pressure on yourself.

Keep Practising

The key to completing any marathon, and even winning it, is by practising often. For you to finish a 10k, you should at least schedule three running sessions in a week and ensure that you run non stop for at least 30 to 45 minutes. For motivation, you can pair up with someone else so that you can encourage each other.

Be Easy on Yourself

If it is your first 10k marathon, do not be tempted to stretch yourself too much to a point where actually running feels like a punishment. Treat the whole process as a learning and fun experience, and even if you do not emerge tops after the run, you can relish the memories and celebrate not just for joining the race, but for finishing it too.

Get the Right Attire

What you wear, from clothes to shoes, will determine your experience when running the marathon. The key is to wear comfortable clothes. They do not have to be expensive; they just have to be the right quality. Ladies should invest in good bras for comfort, and anyone running a marathon should wear comfortable shoes which fit well. Try on your attire on a few days before the main event so that you can know how it feels.

Mix Up Your Workouts

Just because you are running a 10k marathon does not mean you should limit your workouts to running. A marathon will impact on your whole body, so you should vary your workouts by incorporating stretches, jogging, and other forms of exercises which help put your body into shape.

The best tip is for you to believe in yourself. Once you have purposed to go for the 10k marathon, do not let anything or anyone stop you.