About 10k marathons and races

Running a marathon is one of the most popular items people put on their bucket lists. It is among the top things people say they want to do before they die, which is understandable because achieving the goal is not a mean feat. This page gives an in-depth look at what you need to know about 10k marathon.

Reasons for running a marathon

This section is for people who have been battling with the idea on whether they should get involved with a marathon, but they are still unsure of what is in store for them. Here, there is a detailed list on some of the benefits of running a marathon, which range from social reasons to physical reasons. The site also gives an elaborate explanation on why you should consider having a bucket list, and the things most people have in their bucket lists. It is a sort of awakening, especially for people who live without purpose and those who have never stopped to ask themselves about the things that matter most to them.

How to run a marathon

One of the questions most people who are planning to run a marathon always ask is: “How do I start, and what should I do?”

The answers are here. You will get a beginners guide that will elaborate what you need to have with you, and how you should go about the process of preparation. It also gives important details on the things you should have with you before you register for a marathon. Consider it a handbook for beginners on matters relating to running a marathon. It answers all the questions people who have never dared to try out a marathon would have.

You will also have moments of self reflection after you read on some of the things that could be hindering you from enjoying life fully and engaging in fun activities such as running the marathon. This site will not only make you want to register for the next marathon near you, but it will also illustrate for you why you need to do it, and how best to handle a 10k marathon